Type of Pump: Pump automatic-dip

Power (P2): 550 Watt

Capacity: 110 Lt/Min

Weight: 7.5 kg

Diameter pipe stroller: 1, 25″

Total head (m): 7 6 4

Capacity (liter / m): 80 160 240

The submersible pump from the KP Basic series is designed mainly for ;

  • Automatically operated,
  • Fixed domestic applications for draining basements & garages which are subject to flooding.
  • Compact, easy-to-handle design, it can also be used as a portable pump for emergencies such as lifting water from tanks or rivers, emptying swimming pools, fountains, excavations and underpasses

Constructional features:

  • Water-resistant techno-polymer pump sleeve, impeller and suction strainer.
  • Stainless steel motor housing, rotor shaft and screws.
  • Triple “O” ring seals interposed with oil chamber.

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