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Power Pump Sdn Bhd has over a decade of industry experience and expertise when it comes to house pumps. Our team is here for you with our wide range of House Pump products, such as Floteq®, WaterCo™, Shimge™, Potenza™ and Grundfos®. Contact us now and we’ll help identify the perfect house pump that best suits your needs!

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Our knowledgeable team of experts can help you find the best house pumps for your needs.


Detailed examination is performed to make sure that there are no errors.


Our team of specialist will install your house pump professionally.


We offer a wide range of professional house pump repair services.


We can conduct preventive maintenance for all types of house pumps to prevent costly repairs.

House Pump Installation

House Pump 1

Our House Pump technicians installing SHIMGE PZ125 House Pump.

House Pump 2

House Pump Specialist modifying piping size to fit new house pump.

House Pump 3

Brand new Grundfos House pump installation!

House Pump 4

Floteq LMH2-40 House Pump Installation.

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